Craft Brew

About Our Craft Brew Division

  • We are a licensed beer, wine and alcohol distributor
  • We service 8 counties and 3 National Parks (Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia)
  • We distribute for over 13 breweries,10 wineries and 3 distilleries and Hard Cider
  • Refrigerated warehouse centrally located in our footprint
  • Refrigerated and insulated trucks to preserve the quality of the product.
  • We are trained in building relationships, servicing chain stores, liquor stores, bars, pubs, taverns and restaurants both private and corporate.

Breweries We Represent

Our Passion

California Sungold craft beer started in 2010 in the beautiful area of Oakhurst, CA. Which is located 20 minutes from the south gate of Yosemite.

Our passion has always been nature, family, hard work and craft beer. We had humble beginnings in our first venture of pistachio orchards. After gaining a reputation of being a distributor people wanted to do business with.

We were approached by Mammoth Brewing to help them get their beer to the central valley. We gladly accepted, we obtained a beer license and we off and running. Since then, we have grown from a beer license to a wine and alcohol license. We now service 8 counties and three national parks. We are currently Yosemite’s largest craft beer supplier. With 20 plus breweries, wineries, distilleries and hard ciders are portfolio is well rounded.


My Personal Business Beliefs

Who would have ever thought we would have so many craft breweries producing so many extraordinary beers? With food and beverage being my forte I couldn’t be more pleased with this transition. For me the only way we could model our business was to mimic the craft beer breweries. That’s by getting back to the good old days of sales with hitting the pavement and making eye contact.

Building business relationships and friendships and learning from one another. We are here to share a passion and a love for craft beer, unfortunately that can’t be conveyed over a text or email. If craft beer breweries are taking those extra steps to produce top quality beer.

We promise to also take those extra steps and meet them ounce for ounce to deliver their product the way they would.  


                                                                     Jermane Ruiz Craft Beer Manager